D-63 Company Limited D-63 offers outstanding set and scenery design and construction. The Company's twelve years of experience, has resulted in the formation of unique team of designers and constructors.

Clients can feel confident that the technology and equipment used by the companies creative designers will be perfectly suited to the job and have the back up of skilled personnel. Further, the coordinated manner in which the group of companies work make designers more sensitive and knowledgeable about equipment sitting and hardware placement. This attribute prevents on-site problems occurring due to lack of understanding about the technology in which a designers work is surrounded.

D-63 utilizes Computer Technology to make designs as accurate as possible. The designs can also be computer rendered, a technique that can have a great influence on a prospective client when he or she sees a final design.

Besides the design and construction of set and scenery, D-63 can also provide the same service for exhibition stands, banners and signage, etc.
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